One Room Challenge Week 2

Thought Process

Okay! I was kind of scatter brained on where I wanted to start and what I wanted to do. My stepdad was still here so I really did not want to bother him too much. I cleared out the decor closet and stuck that in the garage until a later time when I can focus on organizing.

Tile Paint

After I cleared out the closet I had a clear view of the tile on the floor. Yikes, it’s bad. I headed to The Home Depot and picked up a tile paint kit. It included a cleaner, white paint (which is tint-able) and a matte coat finish. Using a small roller I applied the first coat. They suggested a six hour dry time before applying a second coat.

I was going back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to stencil the tile, like I plan on doing in the bathroom or leaving it white. After much thought (and an Instagram poll) it was the best idea to keep it consistent with each other. I ordered a navy tile paint and stencil kit on Amazon. That will be here later this week so thats a project update for next week.

Board and Batten

Because there is no place to hang towels and boring off white walls I decided to add a board and batten accent wall. So off I went into my extra wood pile and found some 1x2x8 slats from the spring One Room Challenge. I always recommend adding an accent because it adds great appeal.

Paint Samples

This is coastal theme so you will not be seeing any black on these walls. I ordered samples from a woman owned small business, Hound Paint. Located in Virginia, hand painted and sent straight to your door. Ordering samples that cling to your wall takes out any unnecessary painting and overstock of paint you will never use. The samples (from left to right) are Winter is Coming, Slate, and Summer Rain. These three options definitely make it a tough choice. But stay tuned for next week when I reveal my color choice. If you’re interested in ordering from Hound Paint (she color matches) use code Yadira10 for 10% off your order. That is an affiliate code, so I would make a small commission.

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