Creating the perfect shelfie

I want to start off by saying there are no rules to design. There are tips and tricks but beauty and art is different for everyone. If we all had the same house, it would be pretty boring. So never feel like what you see through the ether is what you have to do. Now that that is out of the way let’s get started.

Tip Uno-Fresh slate

First tip is to clear everything off the shelf(shelves). Starting with a fresh slate allows you create something new and beautiful. I prefer to have all my vessels and objects on a table in front of me so I know what I am working with.

Tip 2

You want to start at eye level. You want to create the best shelf where everyone will draw their eye to first. If you just have one shelf, make sure its hung at eye level.

Tip 3

What objects and vessels should you have? I love mixing old and new. I get books from garage sales and thrift stores and they are the perfect way to create height. Speaking of thrift stores, they have the BEST vases. If you have a hard time seeing potential because you hate the color, look at the design, texture and height. Spray paint is your friend when it comes to thrifted items that are beautiful and the wrong color. Also, take your time finding pieces for your home. Having trendy pieces are great but you’ll constantly change your shelf. To create lasting design go with timeless vessels. These aren’t always easy to find but worth the wait-and home takes time.

Tip 4

I like to group in 3s. Put the tallest in the middle and work up additional pieces in front of it. Using different colors, sizes and textures creates depth and dimension.

Tip 5-Last one

If you are completely starting from scratch or you just feel like you can’t put together a shelf, go to Pinterest or your favorite instagram-ahem Http:// and print out the shelf you love. Head to your favorite store and pick out the pieces that look the most like the picture and you can head home and create the magic.

Honestly just have fun and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

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