Guest Bedroom Redo

Hello Mains! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged but thought this deserved some words. You’ve seen me tackle this space for the fall One Room Challenge about three posts down. I went outside my comfort zone and added coastal vibe on a budget. I loved the blue it just doesn’t work in my home. After the room was lived in and things were added and moved around, I felt this overwhelming disappointment. This room needed to be cohesive to the rest of the house. So, I changed it.

The Before + The Redo Plan

I didn’t have a ton of time or money for this project. I always keep my go to paint colors on hand, Wrought Iron and Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore. Starting with the bathroom, I painted the white. I felt this instant weight lifting off my shoulders. This was the right decision. I didn’t have enough black to do both rooms so I replenished the supply.

Shopping My Home

The best thing to do before hitting the store for more decor is to shop your own home. I knew that I wanted to change the primary bathroom this year so I went there first. I shopped a frame, glass jars and an oil diffuser. The vase and bath mat were target purchases in storage.

Also in storage, I had two 26×26 pillows, throw blanket and extra black throw pillows. These were $5 from walmart (and they have no filling). The only real money spent in this space was a headboard, from Walmart and pssst it was under $100. Make sure you’re following my Instagram for an update when that arrives.

Final Thoughts

Its not 100% and I am already so happy with the way it has turned out. I’m proud to now have the door in the entryway open to this room and no longer feel disappointment. This project took two days to complete and was under $100. Never underestimate the power of paint. I’ve learned that sometimes getting out of your comfort zone works and sometimes it doesn’t. I definitely encourage you to try!

Until next time friends!

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