Hey Hey!

It’s been a while since I blogged. We spent our summer days outside enjoying the few months of warm weather we get here in New York. Now both girls are in school full time, it’s time for mama to get busy with DIYs.

Here’s what’s coming…

I’m so excited for Halloween. I mean if you’re following my instagram (which you should if you’re not) you kind of already knew that. I still have my skeleton mantle to reveal and can hopefully get my Hocus Pocus front porch done and then non Halloween related, I will be starting work on my foyer soon. I am going to be adding wainscotting, black paint and painting the tile floor. I know you’re thinking yikes why are you painting your tile. And the answer is budget. The tile I WANT would cost $1,500! And that’s not anywhere in any budget of mine so until it is I’m going to have to fake it.

These all fell down so I have to move on to plan B. Velcro dots. I also plan on adding moss, tombstones and spiderwebs.


We were originally planning on being the cast of Encanto for Halloween but one day my oldest daughter, Blake, came in and asked if we could be the cast of Hocus Pocus. I smiled ear to ear and was like heck yeah! It’s our go to Halloween movie and we’ve watched it 10 times so far this year and its only mid September. We’re counting down the days until part 2.

A little sneak peek at the prettiest Sarah Sanderson EVER!

I promise I’m going to blog more and you will get the inside scoop and first access to ALL my projects!


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