‘Tis the season for gift guides..

It’s been a while since Ive blogged but I thought it was the perfect time to get out gift guides for everyone. Stop, I already know what you’re thinking..Yadira its not even Halloween yet chill, slow your roll, let me breathe. Believe me I get it but since 2020 inventory and prices haven’t been what they used to so I’m giving the early birds a head start and giving people ideas for when they are ready. First lists I’m coming up with are Gifts for $5. Yup, you heard right CINCO pesos. I think gifts tend to get out of hand but you can find great ones that will bring a smile to the receiver’s face so here are my suggestions for kids, teens and adults.

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Kids are so fun to shop for because they generally can have fun with anything. Pop it purse or journal, the 90’s kid in me slinky, hot wheels, toothbrush, Little Mermaid doll, socker boppers, reusable writing pad, light up balloons, rock coloring kit and fidgets. Can’t go wrong with any of these choices.



I get it, teens are tough to shop for but these gifts make great stocking stuffers/gifts for the hard to shop for kids. We have a cozy blankets, socks, figet spinner and pen, jewelry box, cute light up writing board, necklace and smiley face beanie.

Last but not least Adults


Here you’ll find an avocado slicer, back scratcher, gloss, car putty, chargers, nailclippers (they always go missing in my house) and cool expandable lids which also seem to go missing in my house.

I hope you like these affordable options and be on the lookout this Friday 10/20/23 for Gifts $10 and under, so make sure youre subscribed. Happy Shopping!

Mucho Mucho Amor,


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